Index des Albums


17, f, Tree of them


Abe Komei, Symphonie n°1
Adcock CC, Lafayette Marquis
Aigui Alexei et l’Ensemble 4’33, Mix
Akalmy, Akalmy
Al, Al
Al, Convoi Exceptionnel
Alexander Monthy, Stir it up the music of Bob Marley
Alexis HK, C'que t'es belle en live
Alice In Chains, Jar Of FLies
Andrews Michael, Donnie Darko
Anga, Echu Minga
Arcade Fire, Neon Bible
Archie Bronson Outfit Trio, Derdang, Derdang
Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Certain Blacks
Astounding Freak Party (The), Dance With The Werewolf
Aufgang, Aufgang
Austen Louie, Too Good To Last
Awol One & Factor, Owl Hours
Ayobaness !, The Sound of South African House


Babyshambles, Fuck Forever
Bach Jean Sebastien, 6 Suites pour violoncelle solo par Pierre Fournier
Bach Jean Sebastien, 6 Suites pour viloncelle seul par Paolo Beschi
Bach Jean Sebastien, 6 Suites pour violoncelle solo par Henk Van Twillert
Baker Aidan, The Taste of Summer on Your Skin
Baker Chet, Straight From The Heart, The Great Last COncert Vol.II
Barbieri Gato, Chapter Three
Barnes Danny, Barnyard Electronics
Barretto Ray, Carnaval
Barretto Ray, Acid
Battles, Mirrored
Beatles (The), L'album blanc
Bechet Sidney, EP
Beck Jeff, Blow by Blow
Becker Roland, Jour de fête & fête de nuit
Bee Mapple, Hello Eve
Beethoven Ludwig van, Trio opus 1, n°1 & 2
Benedetti (Nicola), Szymanowski, Chausson, Saint Saëns
Béranger François, Tranche de Vie
Béranger François, ça doit être bien...
Béranger François, Rachel
Berg Bob, Short Stories
Berg Sans Nipple (The), Play the Immutable truth
Berlioz Hector, Nuits d’été
Bertin Jacques, La jeune fille blonde
B.James & Casey Vs Zone Libre , Les Contes du Chaos
Bird Andrew, Armchair Apochrypha
Bitter Tears (The), Jam Tarts in the Jakehouse
Black Angels (The), Direction To See A Ghost
Black Angels (The), Passover et Passover (la suite)
Black Crowes (The) & Jimi Page, Live At The Greek
Black Keys (The), Attack & Release
Black Mountain, Black Mountain
Black Roots, In Session
Blakey Art and The Jazz Messengers, Des femmes disparaissent
Blakey Art and The Jazz Messengers, The Freedom Rider
Blind Boys Of Alabama (The), Down In New Orleans
Bluegrass 100% Handmade, Compilation
Blue Öyster Cult (The), Secret Treaties
Blue Öyster Cult (The), The Blue Öyster Cult
Blue Öyster Cult (The), Tyranny and Mutation
Blue Öyster Cult (The), Fire Of An Unknown Origin
Blue Öyster Cult (The), The Revölution By Night
Blue Öyster Cult (The), Heaven Forbid
Blue Sky Black Death, Late Night Cinema
Boeuf, Au dedans
Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Summer in the southeast
Bourelly (Jean Paul) and The Blue Wave Bandits, Saints and Sinners
Brassens Georges, n°3
Breeders (The), Title TK
Brecker Brothers Band (The), Heavy Metal Be-Bop
Brecker Brothers Band (The), Back To Back
Broken Flowers, un film de Jim Jarmush
Butler (John) Trio, What you want


Cabrel Francis, Des roses et des orties
Caldara Antonio, Missa Dolorosa
Can Kickers, Live At Lavazone
Capdevielle Jean Patrick, Hérétique 13
Caravan, Palace
Carter Ron, Where ?
Casey, Libérez la bête
Casey & B.James Vs Zone Libre, Les Contes du Chaos
Cat Power, Juke Box
Cathedral, Caravan beyond redemption
Catherine, Escoudé & Lockwood, Trio
CharlElie, Fort Reveur
Chateau Marmont, Solar Apex
Chesnutt Vic, At The Cut
Cheval de Frise, Fresques sur les parois internes du crâne
Chill Axel, La fleur de l'âge
Chopin par Alexandre Tharaud, Journal Intime
Corigliano John, Mr Tambourine Man : Seven poems of Bob Dylan
City Slang, Slanged !
Clapton Eric, Slowhand
Clapton Eric, (no reason to cry)
Clapton Eric, One more car One more rider
Clara Clara, AA
Clark, Growls Garden
Cold War Kid, Loyalty to Loyalty
Connesson Guillaume, Cosmic Trilogy, The Shining One
Cooder Ray, Jazz
Coq (Le), d'Arradon
Coursil Jacques, Minimal Brass

Cowboy Sixters, Cowboy Sixters
Craddle Of Filth, The Principe Of Evil Made Flesh


Daft Punk, Random Access Memories
Dalton Karen, It’s so hard to tell who’s going to loves you best
Dandy Warhols, Earth to the Dandy Warhols
Danko Jones, Never Too Loud
Darkness (The), Hot Cakes
Darkness (The), Permission to land
Daroux Cecile & Pablo Marquez, Piazzolla, Histoire du Tango
D'Ar Pevarlamm, Konogan An Habask
Davis (Gary) Révérend, The Guitar & Banjo of Reverend Gary Davis
Davis Miles, Milestones
Davis Miles, In a silent way
Davis Miles, Ascenseur pour l’échafaud
Davis Miles, You're under arrest
Davis Miles, Doo-Bop
Davis Miles, Decoy
Davis Miles, Tutu
Davis Miles, We Want Miles
Davis Miles, The Man With The Horn
Dead Can Dance, Dead Can Dance
Dead Can Dance, Spiritchaser
Dead Weather, Horehound
Dead Weather, Sea Of Cowards
Démago, Hôpital
Démé Victor, Victo Démé
Deportivo, Deportivo
Deportivo, parmi eux
Devastations, Yes, U
Di Meola Al, Elegant Gypsy
Dimmu Borgir, For All Tid
Dinosaur Jr, Green Mind
Dolphy Eric, Out There et Out There (bis)
Doppler, Songs To Defy
Douglas Dave, Song For Wandering Soul
Dr Dre, The Chronic
Dragon Glide Down Orchestra (The), The Dragon Glide Orchestra
Dreams, Dreams
Driessen Casey, Oog
Duclock (Dj), Appalachian on 78 rpm
Duclock (Dj), Spring Is Here Again
Dudek Romain, La poésie des usines
Dudek Romain, J'veux qu'on m'aime
Dury Baxter, Len Parrot’s Memorial Lift
Dusty Kid, Moto Perpetuo
Dylan (Bob) and The Band, The Basement Tapes
Dylan Bob, Blood On The Tracks
Dylan Bob, Hard Rain
Dylan Bob, Infidels
Dylan Bob, Empire Burlesque
Dylan Bob, Live 1961-2000
Dylan Bob, Modern Times
Dylan Bob, The Bootleg series volume 1-3
Dylan Bob, Solid Rock
Dylan Bob, Together Through Life
Dylan Bob, Tempest
Dylan Bob, New Morning


Eagles Of Death Metal, Heart On
Earth, Hex : Or Printing in The Infernal Method
Earth, Pentastar : In The Style Of Demons
Earth, Phase 3 Thrones and Dominions
Eddie and the Eggs, This is Your Brain
Eels, daisies of the galaxy
Eels, Shootennany !
Einodi Ludovico, Eden Roc
Einaudi Ludovico, LaScala Concert: 03 03 03
Einaudi Ludovico, Divenire
Einaudi Ludovico, Nigthbook
Electrelane, Axes
Electric Bazar Cie, Psychotiko
Electric Wizard, Black Masses
Escoudé, Catherine & Lockwood, Trio 
European Tv Brass Trio, Wunschklang
Explosions In the Sky, How Strange Innocence
Eye Nickel, The Time Of The Assissins


Léo FERRÉ, Paris Canaille, 1953
Al FOOL, Live @ Tucson Roller Derby Vol1
FINAL FANTASY, Has a good home
Tommy FLANAGAN, Thelonica
Béla FLECK and The Flecktones, Béla Fleck and The Flecktones
Béla FLECK and The Flecktones, Left Of Cool
LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NUIT, Musique du Crépuscule
FRASIAK, Parlons-nous
Fred FRITH, Middle Of The Moment
Dana FUSCH, Bliss Avenue
FUSION, Fusion


Gale (La), La Gale
Garner Errol, Concert by the Sea
Gâtechien, 4
Gauthier Patrick, Bébé Godzilla
Givone Daniel, Nouveau Départ
Glass Philip, Glasswork
Glass Philip, songs for the liquid days
Glyder, Weather The Storm
Good, bad & the Queen, The Good, the bad & the Queen
Golson Benny & Pierre Yves Sorin, Live in Paris au Duc des Lombards
Gossip, Music For Men
Grae Jean, This Week
Grails, Doomsdayer's Holiday
Grand Pianoramax, Smooth Danger
Greif Olivier, Sonate de Requiem
Gun Club, Fire of Love
Gun Club, Larger Than Live
Guns n’ Roses, Appetite for destruction
Guns n’ Roses, Lies
Gutter Twins (The), Saturnalia


Haden Charlie, Music Liberation Orchestra
Haden Charlie, Helium Tears
Haendel, Rinaldo
Hamon Martin, Black & Blue Zebra
Happy Apple, The Peace Between Our Companies
Hassel John, Maarifa Street
Hawley Richard, Cole’s Corner
Hawley Ricahrd, False Ligths From The Land
Hazlewood Lee, Cake or Death
Hendrix (The Jimi) Experience, axis : bold as love
Hunt (Clive) & The Dub Dancers, Clive Hunt and TheDub Dancers


Idem, The Sixth, Aspiration Museum Overview
Idem, Good Side Of The Rain
I-grek, Le meilleur des mondes
I'm Immune, Entropy
I’m Your Fan, The song of Leonard Cohen
I'm Not A Band, Band Band
Infernal Affairs, B. O. F.
Igort, Casino
Irfan, Séraphim
Iron Maiden, Fear Of The Dark
Iron Maiden, The X Factor
Iron Maiden, England 88'


Jamait Yves, Je passais par hasard
Japanese Melodies, The Flute Collection
Jaroussky, Carestini, The story of a castrato
Jason & the Scorchers, Vol. 1, Are You Ready For The Country
Jaspar Bobby, Modern jazz au club St-Germain
Jaumet Etienne, Night Music
John Dr, GRIS gris
Jonah, Monotype


Kafka, Geografia
Kanche Marcel, Vertiges des lenteurs
Kicca & Intrigo, Senso Contrario
Killers (The), Hot Fuss
Killers (The), Sam’s Town
Kills (The), Blood Pressures
King Cast, Saw Mill Man
King Diamond, Give Me Your Soul... Please
Koudlam, Goodbye
K'naan, The Dusty Foot On The Road
K'naan, The Dusty Foot Philosopher
Krall Diana, Glad Rag Doll
Krauss (Alison) & Robert Plant, Raising Sand


Labelle Brandon, Live Bootleg
Lanegan Mark, Whiskey For The Holy Ghost
Lapointe Pierre, Sentiments Humains
Last Shadow Puppets (The), The age of understatement
Lavilliers Bernard, Samedi Soir à Beyrouth
Leclerc « Dead Wolf » Jean, Mexico
Led Zeppelin, I
Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti
Led Zeppelin, Presence
Led Zeppelin, In Through The Out Door
Led Zeppelin, Coda
Leduc Robin, Hors-pistes
Le Forestier Maxime, Maxime Le Forestier
Lescop, Lescop
Ligéria ! Nantes Jazz 2007
Linde Consort, Frühe Kammermusik In Italiem Um 1600
Lislevand Rolf et l' Ensemble Kapsberger, Foscarini, Alfabeto
Little Bob & The Blues Bastards, Break Down The Wall
Living Colour, Stain
l'ocelle mare, porte d'octobre
Lockwood, Catherine & Escoudé, Trio
Lockwood (Didier), Out Of The Blue
Lockwood (Didier), Fasten Seat Belts
Logic (Dj), Zen Of Logic
Long Ryders (The), 10-5-60
Louvel Olivier, Snoo


Madness, it must be love/Shadow on the House
Madness, Shut Up/A Town With No Name/Never Ask Twice
Madonna, American Life
Maestro Shai, Jorge Roeder & Ziv Ravitz, Shai Maestro
Manset Gérard, Obok
Manset Gérard, Manitoba ne répond plus
Mariani, Perpetuum Mobile
Marley Bob, Kaya
Marlu Philippe, Les mémoires d'un chat
Marlu Philippe, Méfiez-vous des petites filles
Marquez Pablo & Cecile Daroux, Piazzolla, Histoire du Tango
Married Monk (The), Elephant People
Martin Steve, The Crow
Martino Pat, Think Tank
Matsumoto Taro & Roger Walsh, Immortal Remains
M-base Collective, Anatomy of a groove
McCartney Paul, Ram
McGhee Brownie et Sonny Terry, Conversation with the River
McLagan (Ian) & the Bump Band, Never Say Never
McCoy Tyner, Guitars
Mecanos Sonores, Rude Awakening
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood, In Case The World Changes is Mind (Live)
Melingo Daniel, Maldito Tango
Melvins, King Buzo
Melvins, Stoner Witch
Merchant Nathalie, The House Carpenter’s Daugther
Mercury Rev, Deserter’s songs
Merger, Exiles In A Babylon
Mighty Diamonds (The), Inna de Yard
Miller Marcus, Free
Miranda, Growing Head above the roof
Modern Jazz Quartet (The), Pyramid
Monk Thelonious, Live at It Club
Monk Thelonious, plays Duke Ellington
Monk Thelonious, Straight, No Chaser
Monk Thelonious, It's Monk Time
Monk Thelonious, Piano Solo
Monk Thelonious, The London Collection volume 1
Monk Thelonious, Underground
Morrissey, Ringleader of the tormentors
Morrisssey, Your Arsenal
Morrissey, Years of the Refusal
Murat Jean Louis, Cheyenne Autumn
Murat Jean Louis, Le Manteau de Pluie
Murat Jean Louis, Venus
Murat Jean Louis, Mustango
Murat Jean Louis, Lilith
Murat Jean Louis, Le Moujik et sa femme
Murat (Jean Louis) & Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal
Murat Jean Louis, Tristan
Murat Jean Louis, Le Cours Ordinaires des Choses
Musselwhite (Charlie) Blues Band, Stone Blues
Mustang, Mustang reprend
My Bloody Valentine, Loveless


National Bank (The), The National Bank
Niagara, Religion
Nirvana, Bleach
Nirvana, Unplugged In New York
Ny:na Valès, L'atmosphère


O'Brien Tim, Chameleon
Ochs Conny & Wino, Heavy Kingdom 
Offenbach, La vie parisienne
Oizo Mr, Pourriture EP
Opeth, Still Life


Page (Jimi) & The Black Crowes, Live At The Greek
Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Roots Of Swing
Passion Pit, Manners
Patrice, One/Patrice
Pepper Art, Straight Life
Perkins Elvis, Ash Wednesday
Peyroux Madeleine, Dreamland
Piazolla par Cecile Daroux Cecile & Pablo Marquez, Piazzolla, Histoire du Tango
Pierce (The) Jeffrey Lee Session Project, We Are Only Riders
Picci, Double Dutch
Pine Courtney, Transition in Tradition
Placebo, Sleeping with ghost
Plant Robert & Alison Krauss, Raising Sand
Police, Live At Zellerbach
Police, Reunion Concert, 1986
Polite Sleeper, Seens
Prince, Sign O' The Times
Prince, Planet Earth
Prodigy (The), The Fat of the Land
Public Enemy, How you sell soul a souless people who sold their soul ???
Puissance, Grace of God


Quantec, unusual signals
Quicksilver Messenger Service, Happy Trails


Raconteurs (The), Consolers Of The Lonely
Raconteurs, Broken Boy Soldier
Radiohead, Creep
Radiohead, Kid A
Rebels Of Tijuana (the), Where did this trip go wrong ?
Rebels Of Tijuana (the), Un foutue hippie
Rebels Of Tijuana (the), La Bourgeoise
Reigns, The house on the causeway
R.E.M., Automatic for the People
Resistenz, Nos Reflets égarés
Return To Forever, Returns
Rodriguez Robert, John Debney & Graeme Revell, Sin City
Rolling Stones (The), Aftermath
Rollins Sonny, Sonny Please
Rollins Sonny, The Sound Of Sonny
Rollins Sonny, The Bridge
Romeo (Max) and The Upsetters, War Ina Babylone
Roxy Music, Country Life
Röyksopp, Senior
Rum Tum Tiddles, Sad and Silly Song
Russel Alice, Pot Of Gold
Rütti Carl, Requiem


Saada Alexandre, Panic Circus
Sanson Véronique, (plusieurs lunes)
Santacruz Bernard, Lenox Avenue
Santana, Caravanserai
Sarde Philippe, Coup de torchon
Sash Leon Trio (The), I Remember Newport
Scelsi Giacinto, Giacinto Scelsi
Scelsi Giacinto, Orchestral Works Volume 2
Schulz Klaus, Picture Music
Scofield John, Hand Jive
Scofield John, Out Like A Light
Scofield John, A Moment's Please
Scofield, Medeski, Martin & Wood, In Case The World Changes is Mind (Live)
Scorpions, Comeblack
Scorpions, Black Out
Scorpions, Crazy World
Scott Christian, Anthem
Seeger Pete, American Industrial Ballads
September Malevolence, After this darkness, there a next
Seven Mile JOurney (The), The Metamorphosis Project
Shorter Wayne, Speak No Evil
Sidony Box, Rules
Sidran Ben, Dylan Different
Silvant (Samuel) Trio, Le vent du soir
Sinatra Frank, Watertown
Six Red Carpets, Nightmares + Lullabies
Skinner (Frank) & Hans J. Salter, Monster Music
Skip The Use, Skip The Use
Slash, Apocalyptic Love
Slim Sunnyland, 5171 Classics
Slint, Spiderland
Smith Elliott, Roman Candle
Smiths (The), The Queen Is Dead
Sonic Youth, Nurse
Sonic Youth, The Eternal
Sorin Pierre Yves & Benny Golson, Live in Paris au Duc des Lombards
So So Glow (The), Tourism Terrorism
Soulsavers, It’s not how far you fall, it’s the way you land
Soulsavers, Though guys don’t dance
Sparklehorse, Distorded Ghost EP
Sparklehorse, Dreamt For Light In The Belly Of A Mountain
Sparklehorse, it’s a wonderful life
Sparklehorse, Vivadixiessubmarinetransmissionplot
Sparklehorse, Dark Night Of The Soul
Springsteen Bruce, Darkness on the Edge of Town
Springsteen Bruce, Magic
Springsteen Bruce, Working on a dream
Starless & Bible Black, Shape of the shape
Startijenn, Pakit Holl !
Startijenn, Kreiz da fas !
Stereo De Luxe, Monosyllabic
Stern Mike, Who Let The Cats Out ?
Stinking Lizaveta, Sacrifice and Bliss
Streets (The), a grand don’t come for free
Stromae, Cheese
Stromae, Racine carrée
Sujatovitch Léo, Télépolis (La Antena)
Sweet Back, The Lost and Found Republic
Swilson, Demonology
Szlapczynski Greg, la part du diable


T. Jamie, Panic Prevention
Takka Takka, Migration
Talk Talk, Laughing Stock
Tangtype, flake out
Taylor Otis, Definition of a circle
Taylor Otis, Double V
Terry Sonny et Brownie McGhee, Conversation with the River
The Good, the Bad & the Queen, The Good, the Bad & the Queen
These New Puritans, Beat Pyramid
Thiéfaine Hubert-Félix, Dernières balises (avant mutation)
Thiéfaine Hubert Félix, Soleil Cherche Futur
Thiéfaine Hubert Félix, Meteo für Nada
Thiéfaine Hubert Félix, Chroniques Bluesymentales
Thiéfaine Hubert Félix, Paris-Zenith
Thiéfaine Hubert Félix, Amicalement Blues
Thiéfaine Hubert Félix, Suppléments de mensonge
Thielemans Jean, Man bites harmonica !
Thielemans Toots, Les Thompson, Toots Blues 1950-1952
Thompson Les, Toots Thielemans, Toots Blues 1950-1952
Thunder Johnny, So alone
Tiersen Yann, Dust Lane
Tony Williams Lifetime (The), Emergency !
Tony Williams Lifetime (The), (turn it over)
Tool, 10 000 days
Trentemoller, The Last Resort
trentemoller, into the great wide yonder
Tricky, Knowle West Boy
Tristano Lennie, Lennie Tristano
Trouble Over Tokyo, Pyramides
Two Gallants, The Throes
Two Gallants, Two Gallants
Two Gallants, What the toll tells


U2, Wide Awake In America
Udo, Steelhammer
Ugly Kid Joe, As Ugly They Wanna Be
Ultra Zook, Epuz
Unherz, Die Wahrheit Liegt Dazwieschen


VeryShortShorts, Background Music For Bank Robberies
Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes, 3


Walkmen (The), A Hundred Miles Off
Walkmen (The), You & Me
Walsh Roger et Taro Matsumoto, Immortal Remains
Warehouse, Escape Plan Foiled
Warp20, (Chosen)
Warp20, (Recreated)
Wayne Lil, We The Best
Wayne Lil, The Carter II
Weather Report, Weather Report
Weather Report, Sweetnighter
Weather Report, Mr Gone
Weil Kurt & Bertold Brecht, Grandeur et décadence de la ville de Mahagonny
Wernick (Pete) & the Flexigrass, Wath the
Wesseltoft Bugge, IM
Wesseltoft Bugge, it's snowing on my piano
Wesseltoft Bugge, Moving
Wesseltoft Bugge, New Conception Of Jazz, Film Ing
White Jack, Blumderbuss
White Pat The, Quebec City Sessions (a.k.a. Reviver)
White Stripes (The), Elephant
White Stripes (The), Icky Thump
White Stripes (The), The White Stripes
White Stripes (The), Under Great White Northern Light
White Stripes (The), Blood Cell
Williams Hank, Compilation
Wills (Bob) & His Texas Playboys, Compilation
Wino & Conny Ochs, Heavy Kingdom
Wire (The), Beyond Hamsterdam Baltimore Tracks from The Wire
Wolfmother, Cosmic Egg


X, Les Voix du Blues
X Makeena, Derrière l'oeil
XX The, XX

Young Neil, Le Noise


Zawinul Joe, Zawinul
Zipcode 2025, Le nouveau disque
Zita Swoon, Camera Concert
Zone Libre Vs Casey & B.James, Les Contes du Chaos